27 Bardwell Road, Mosman NSW 2088

27 Bardwell Road, Mosman NSW 2088

This Mosman home in Sydney's lower north shore underwent a renovation in 2011 by Manuel from Sydney Home Builders. The complete home renovation provided the ageing building on prime real-estate an updated look as per the home owners exact requests. The renovation included a new kitchen fitting, complete use of high end materials from floor to ceiling and restoration of select original fittings. Overall the Mosman home renovation was a complete success with the customer extremely satisfied. 

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Who are SHB Sydney Home Builders

Meet Manuel, Sydney Home Builder's top dog, Manuel has over 20 years building experience in commercial and residential properties based in Sydney Australia. Manuel's specialty more recently has become Sydney home renovations simply due to the large demand for renovation of Sydney inner city apartments and homes. Builder Licence No. 123832C.
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